Welcome on Tablary, Interactive pinao tabs sharing platform.
  • Step 1|- Learn to read tabs

    If you don’t already know, that’s the first thing you should do.
    Don’t worry, it’s really easy and won’t take more than 3 minutes to be ready to learn playing piano songs.

    FAQ : How to read tabs ? How Tablary displays tablatures
  • Step 2|- Find the song you want

    There are currently 597 tablatures on Tablary.
    Among all these tabs, chances are you can find the one that suits your needs the best.

    In order to to that, you may either search for a specific song/artist in the search bar on the top of the page, or browse the tabs one by one. To help you, you can order the results by difficulty, rating and alphabetical order.

    Search / see all tabs A list of tablatures
  • Step 3|- Learn a song

    Once you found the best tab for you and know how to read it, you are ready to learn playing it.

    Learning and memorizing a tab was never so easy !
    Listen to the song and see it beeing played behind your eyes.
    Adjust the speed, the zoom level, set the song to loop when it is finished... a lot of tools that will help you learning tabs in the funiest ways.

    Never lose track of the tabs you are learning by using bookmarks. You will be able to retrive the place where you stopped the last time.

    Actions you can do on a Tablary's tablature
  • Step 4|- Create your own tabs

    Now that you are an experimented tablatures reader, it’s time to add your own to the list ! Create wonderfull composition or translate famous songs and share them with the community of Tablary.

    If you don’t feel like create your own tabs, you can also try to improve other members’s tabs !

    Create a tab Read more about tab imrovements Tablature creation exemple
  • Step 5|- Gain rank and power

    By submitting tabs and having them rated by other members, you will gain points. Those points will determine wheter or not you are a good tabber.

    By getting more points, you will gain new ranks and new possibilities.
    Your votes will have more impact and your tabs more visibility.

    Read more about ranks The ranking system

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