How to read piano tabs ?

Each line of a tab correspond to a piano octave.
An octave is a set of 8 white keys and 5 black keys, named respectively c,d,e,f,g,a,b and C,D,F,G,A.

As you can see, capital letters are for black keys. The C key in a tablature is actually a C# (c sharp) or a Db (d flat).

Playing a F which is on a line beginning with 4 mean playing the third black key of the 4th octave of the piano (which is in general the middle octave on the keyboard).

Piano octave illustration


How can I improve a tab ?

Every tabs on Tablary can be improved by any connected user. Click on the "Improve this version" button next to the comments and you will be redirected to the improvement page.

There, you will be able to change the speed or the notes of a tab and then post your version with a meaningfull comment.

You version will be displayed with other versions of the tab and the author of the tab (or any pro member) will be able to set it as the default version.

The default version of a tab is the first version you will see when you click on a tab link.

What are ranks ?

Ranks can be acquired by gaining points. There are currently four ranks on Tablary : new, tabber, experimented and pro and are obtained respectively at 0, 50, 500 and 1000 points.

With better rank, your votes count for more. For exemple, a new member vote count for 1 and a experimented member vote for 3.
When you will manage to get to the pro rank, you will be able to change the default version on any tab, not only yours !

Users gain points when one of their tabs or imporvements is rated, the points gain will obviously depend on the rate given.
You can also gain points by participating to the content of the website like adding tabs, improvements, comments or simply by voting.
Having a bad rank on one of your tabs will result in points loss. This is the only way you can lose points.